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Nowadays, if you go out into the street with your digital camera in your pocket, it's entirely possible that you'll get home with an arsenal of important photos. While you'd probably like to do a little retouching to make them a bit nicer, some of those photographic design programs aren't exactly easy to use.

Enter PhotoMagic, a good option if you want to add effects, frames or other small retouches. It makes it easy for you: a quite clean interface, without having to mass-apply the effects. You'll get a list of effects with very good results.

What do you want to do to your photos? Make them bigger, correct them, make them into artistic masterpieces, print them? PhotoMagic incorporates the appropriate programs onto your PC to do each of these operations. Load the image you want to modify, select the type of effect or modification you want to use, and then preview it. If you like it, you can save it and share it with your friends.

It's not difficult – its simplicity and good results will surprise you. We recommend you try it. Even if you're a beginner at photographic retouching, the program will do all the hard work; you just have to decide what you like most.
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